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Artificial Turf for Play Course

The dry and arid climate of Bahrain does not provide a viable environment for natural lawn grass to thrive upon. Besides, natural grass requires timely maintenance and care in order for it to look lush and lively throughout the year. Synthetic grass is by far the best alternative to the real deal. This grass is made of sturdy polymers that are flexible and durable, and hence “spring back” to their original position even when pressed upon. They require little to no maintenance after installation, and can with stand the harsh elements like rain, sun and wind all year long. They can be customized to suit your needs. The length, thickness, softness, and direction of lean can be set to your specifications. This grass is optimal to be used on both domestic and commercial landscaping projects, and professional sports grounds as well. They are used in a variety of indoor and outdoor sporting events such as tennis, hockey, football, rugby etc.